Features & benefits

  • Multi-currency travel card support

    Prepaid travel cards will provide your customers with a safe, convenient and high value product for making purchases overseas. These products are more efficient than traveller’s cheques, safer than cash and can provide better value and transparency than credit cards.

    Travel cards processed by Wirecard can support an unlimited number of wallets linked to a single card account. Before travel, customers can load the wallet that corresponds to their travel destination. By loading their cards before travel, the customer locks in the rate. From this point forward there are no further fees to be paid for purchases as overseas transactions will debit the wallet corresponding to the transaction currency. If the transaction currency is not supported as a wallet for that customer then the transaction will post to the default billing currency wallet.

    Wirecard travel cards support advanced ´second generation´ authorisation logic to ensure customers always have access to all their financial means even if they have insufficient funds in their transaction currency wallet, thereby reducing the number of declines and enhancing the customer experience. Travel cards are amongst the highest-revenue-generating prepaid products due to their combination of cardholder fees, FX revenue and high load value.

  • Virtual supplier payment

    Wirecard Issuing Processing offers virtual supplier payment solutions for making purchases with one-time-use cards. The solution can be managed with the Wirecard Web portals or through direct integration with purchasing and booking systems through our standard APIs. Each purchase is made with a one-time-use virtual card that can be used only up to the specified transaction amount and in the specified purchase period (days, hours or minutes).

    Our solutions increase efficiency and make it easy to reconcile payments by linking each virtual card transaction to a specific booking or purchase order.

  • Corporate Card solutions

    Wirecard Issuing Processing offers powerful and flexible solutions for corporate customers. Our dedicated corporate self-service portal puts the control in the hands of each corporation, allowing it  to manage its own users, issue its own cards, control loads and unloads, and set spending policies either at a product or cardholder level.

    Our solutions are ideal for managing expenses, disbursing salaries and benefits and for employee rewards.

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