Features & benefits

  • Multiple Software Application

    Wirecard POS provides our merchants with various flexible, customizable applications which includes payment functions, fund transfer, bill payment, prepaid top up, installment, cash transactions, card services and loyalty management. These value-added cardholder programs improvecardholder satisfaction and retention.

  • Terminal Management System

    Wirecard's Terminal Management System securely and simultaneously downloads parameters, system updates and applications. The scheduled updates allows payment devices to periodically check for available downloads and delivers them automatically in a hassle-free manner for our merchants. Other capabilities of the TMS include the Web-based monitoring of EDC installation status and provide audit trail reports.

  • Terminal Line Encryption

    Better network security management to protect cardholders, merchants and financial institutions against financial losses brought about by fraudulent activities while maximizing transaction performance.

    • Protection against wire-tapping of terminal lines and ghost terminals
    • End-to-end encryption solution
    • Multiple encryption algorithms (DES/ 3DES/ AES/ TEA)
    • Multiple communication connectivity (PSTN/GPRS/WiFi, etc)
    • Sophisticated key management (external HSM enablement)
    • Scalable design, load balancing, High traffic availability and performance

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