Features & benefits

  • Digital banking financial inclusion

    Digital wallet allows individuals to replicate their physical wallet holding cash and other payment cards (including virtual cards, rewards and vouchers) as well as link their bank accounts for transferring money. A physical card can be linked to the wallet allowing purchasing at the POS and withdrawing cash from ATMs.  

  • Mobile wallet management

    Simfonie manages mobile wallet accounts for individuals, agents, and merchants. Float and Mirror accounts are maintained internally or with a bank conforming to regulatory requirements.

  • Agent management

    Agents are registered in Simfonie to provide cash-in, cash-out, airtime top-up, and other financial services to individuals. They earn revenue from service charges and commissions. Bank accounts and cards are used as payment instruments.

  • Bill payment

    Businesses interested in offering bill payment are registered as billers and have an option to present bills in bulk. Mobile wallet users can register for bills, register payment arrangements, schedule payments, and pay bills anytime anywhere.

  • Remittances

    Simfonie supports national remittance through an agent conforming to AML, CFT, and local regulatory requirements. Remittance is supported through an external remittance company, for example Western Union.

  • Mobile payments

    Individuals can use the mobile wallet and other payment instruments associated with the mobile wallet to pay merchants and purchase products.

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