Features & benefits

  • EMV compliance

    Testing an EMV transaction can be complicated and time-consuming, especially when you test manually. 

    Wirecard develops solution that automates to exclude human errors and ensures the highest level of compliance. We provide all functionality necessary to simulate the “Terminal To Switch” and “To Interchange” functionality necessary to support EMV chip cards.

  • ATM simulation

    When simulating an ATM Device, FINsim accepts the state and screen download from the switch and interprets these in exactly the same way as a real ATM does. The simulator is easy to use and ensures high precision and quality in generating possible errors (based on actual command received).

  • ATM development

    FINsim Configurator easily allows the user to edit and maintain the States and Screens that are downloaded to ATM devices. Supporting NCR, Diebold and Wincor, it can provide:

    Maintenance of State Tables

    Maintenance of Screen Tables

    Maintenance of Financial Institution Tables

    Maintenance of ATM Timers

    Maintenance of ATM Options

    Import and export host (load) files

    Screen flow report

  • POS simulation

    The FINsim POS Terminal Simulator provides full support for POS devices simulated on your desktop. 

    It supports multiple devices including all common brands such as Hypercom, Ingenico and Verifone, and also allows users to test different functions in parallel on multiple concurrent devices.

  • ISO simulation

    FINsim supports all common ISO formats ISO8583 (1987, 1993, 2003), Visa, MasterCard, American Express, JCB, UnionPay as well as in country special formats. With FINsim, you can define the various points of service that cards can be accepted at, and quickly test the various card and transaction combinations.

  • Layered testing 1 – Manual Layer

    FINsim uses a testing approach incorporating manual, regression and stress testing layers. 

    The manual layer provides an easy-to-use interface to submit transactions to the system being tested. Developers or testers can operate independently of each other and repetitively test the device or transactions as required. Multiple teams can operate at a development, test, or final production certification level. Transactions can be recorded and played back as desired. Full trace details are logged and quickly display the details of each transaction.

  • Layered testing 2 - Full end-to-end Regression

    FINsim’s Regression testing, allows transactions and card combinations to be defined and scripts can be generated to test every possible combination of device, card and transaction that the switch supports. These scripts can be run to ensure that all transaction combinations still work correctly, or new transactions and test cases can be added to the regression test, if required.

  • Layered testing 3 - Stress testing/Capacity

    FINsim is able to simulate extremely high transaction volumes, all with full encryption using 3DES, MACing and EMV Chip.

    Different combinations of transactions, devices and issuers can be used to mimic the true production mix of transactions: - on-us, off-us, debit, credit, ATM, POS, ISO links, card schemes.

    Exceptionally quick to run, FINsim has been tested to over 9,000 transactions per second with a second test achieving a sustained 7,988 transactions per second simulating 33,000 ATMs, 700,000 POS devices and 90 ISO and card scheme links, all simultaneously.

    In a very recent test over 13,000 TPS was achieved.

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