Features & benefits

  • Security

    The security architecture utilised for PINselect is based on licensed functions with Thales Hardware Security Modules (HSMs). All encryption functions are 3DES and carried out in HSMs, there is no software encryption component.

  • Operating Modes

    PINselect supports tow modes of operation, Mail Mode and Telephone Mode. The majority of the steps in the PIN selection process are the same for both modes.

    Telephone Mode: Allows an institution´s existing IVR system to read the control number to the customer whilst they are on the telephone.

    Mail Mode: The control number generation is done in batch mode and mailed to the institution´s customers.

  • Interfaces

    The PINselect system supports on-line connections to a card or switch system for realtime processing of PIN requests as well as off-line batch file transfers.

  • Hardware

    The PINselect system can be deployed on a Unix, Linux or Windows Server. The system uses Thales cryptographic hardware for all secure functions. This provides a tamper proof environment where all cryptographic services are performed. All encryption is under triple DES (3DES). The telephony functions of PINselect are typically provided by the institution´s IVR.

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